Monday, August 1, 2011

Jadi Granted US Patent for Environmentally Friendly Natural Oil-Based Toner Resin

Jadi Imaging Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (Jadi), a world-class independent toner manufacturer based in Malaysia, announces that it has obtained a new patent in the USA granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent № 7,968,647 B2 discloses technology of making environmentally friendly toner resin derived from bio-based sources which may include various vegetable oils such as palm oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, castor oil, soy oil and rapeseed oil, among others. The technology, developed by Jadi’s R&D team in collaboration with the University of Malaya, would drive positives changes in the toner and imaging industry by promoting greater use of green materials in toner which helps to reduce the industry’s dependence on non-renewable petrochemical-based toner resins.

Conventional toners used in today’s laser printers and photocopiers are manufactured using a melt mixing process. It is made by compounding the ingredients such as resins, pigments, magnetic iron oxides, waxes and charge control agents by melting and blending the ingredients to form a paste. The mixture is then cooled and pulverized into fine powder within a controlled particle size range, either by a mechanical mill or a jet mill. The toners produced via this method have been applied in various types of electrophotographic devices in recent years and has consequently, resulted in a higher demand for such toner resin. Therefore, seeing the existing toner resins are mostly made from petrochemicals which are derived from non-renewable sources, which are non-sustainable, the synthesis of toner resins with high content of natural materials is highly desirable.
This technology would enable Jadi to manufacture environmentally friendly hybrid toner resins that are incorporated with significant levels of palm oil-based derivative. Besides, reducing the dependence on non-renewable petrochemicals, the use of palm oil incorporated resin in toner production would help to alleviate Green House Gases Effect through lower net CO2 emission from incinerated waste toner. Jadi is now exploring various options for commercial production of its proprietary palm oil-based toner resin and plans to offer its palm oil-based toner products – Palmotone Melt Pulverized Toner (MPT) – by 2nd half of next year. In addition, a similar patent on palm oil-based Chemically Prepared Toner (CPT) – Palmotone CPT – is currently under application.

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